What is this blog about?

I have started this blog as a self motivation tool to push me towards making more time to improve my golf game with the goal of teeing up on  the first tee of a professional tournament as a professional golfer, and to see if it is possible whilst doing a full time job working 60-70 hours some weeks and being the wrong side of 30!

My dream growing up was the same as most golf obsessed teenagers which was to turn pro and make my living from playing the game I loved. Unfortunately a lack of opportunities and eventually a lack of commitment from myself then going into full time employment doing an apprenticeship at 16 golf started to take a back seat and the dream was forgotten about.

Fast forward 17 years and with a renewed enthusiasm for the game I am going to have a go at making the dream a reality, hopefully proving to myself and to others that with the right approach, some hard work and a bit of good fortune that it is possible, even when considered too old in sporting terms and not having had a glittering amateur career before becoming pro.

I’m not giving myself and deadlines or dates for milestones, my plan is to fit in my practice sessions, exercise, and play around home life and work and see where the journey takes me. If I achieve the goal in the next couple of seasons it would be awesome, but if it takes another 20 years then so be it I will keep at it and I hear the seniors tour is pretty competitive! Whatever the outcome at least I will be back out playing the game that I get so much enjoyment from, and if I make some new friends or inspire anyone to get back out on the course along the way all the better.


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