Personal record low round

Since my last update there has been a fair bit happening. Been really busy at work which has been not good timing with the start of the season.

Before the busy spell I was playing and practicing quite well, I was managing my time quite effectively to help play some pretty decent golf. I even managed to go out and put together the best round I have played yet. I had a scratch 67 which is 3 under par at hayston despite having a double bogey 5 at the par 3 15th. 

I didn’t feel like I played any differently to normal or did anything exceptionally well in comparison to a normal round, I just made less mistakes and a few putts dropped for me. 

My only mental mistake I made in the whole round was on the tee at 15 and instead of just standing up and swinging the same way I had done all day I got defensive and tried to steer the ball onto the green and hit the most horrific long iron shot I hit all day. That left me in an impossible place to try and save par and I ended up with a double bogey. 

I’m very happy with the way I played the last 3 holes, I eagles the 16th to get the two shots back straight away then had birdie chances on the last two that just didn’t drop for me. I hit good putts but unfortunately they just didn’t go in. I’m especially happy with my tee shot at the last, it’s another par 3 that is surrounded with danger and I was thinking don’t blow this don’t go left don’t go right don’t do this don’t do that. Anything but the things I should have been thinking about. I managed to sort my thoughts out and get back to thinking the way I had been all the way round and committed to the shot I visualised. Made a good swing and hit it to about 12 feet. As I said I didn’t hole the putt but I played the hole well and was very happy at how I controlled the mental side to keep plugging away. 

I’ve since went on to repeat the feat and had another 67! 

It was another unspectacular round of just hitting fairways and greens never really holed many putts in the round and the only difference was hitting my tee shot at the par 4 12th to about 3 feet and holing the putt for eagle then chipping in for eagle at the par 5 16th. The long drive wasn’t actually a drive it was the only shot I had measured and was a 3 iron off the tee at the 6th to see how far it went. 

I’ve now got the breaking 70 at hayston monkey off my back and feel more comfortable going low and am looking to break par when I play rather than trying to go round in something near par. 


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