Had a putting lesson

I had been taking lessons with Scott Cleland over the winter and had one left when the trackman putting update became available. My putting has been either excellent or very poor, there has been no consistency at all so I thought I would use the last lesson to see what we could do with it. 

Got a before and after screenshot below 

What has happened is we have found out my left eye is my dominant eye and I have subconsciously been moving my head back to get my left eye over the ball. This is were my inconsistencies have been coming from. Because my head is so far back I need to pull my hands back to get the alignment lines to align properly on the putter. This has then lead to a few swing issues that have been causing the missed putts. 

A simple realignment later and my putting is back to where it should be and apparently the putter is fit very well for me going by the numbers I was producing on trackman. Tour average is 85% of the length of the putt is roll with 15% being the initial skid and bounce immediately after the ball is hit, anything above 85% being exceptional. Scott had me over 90% and no lower than 87% after the setup changes. Looks like I have no excuses for not holing putts now! 


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