Couple of changes to the club setup. 

Since I did the what’s in the bag I have made a couple of changes. First and biggest change is driver. I finally got my epic! I was wary of buying it and wary of all the hype around it but after the fitting and then getting it on the course in the drier conditions we have had lately I can honestly say it lives up to the hype. 

I am now hitting the ball the longest I have ever hit it and also consistent with it. Longer drives and more fairways hit makes the game much easier than it was the last few seasons. 

I really like the carbon weave that you can see on the top of the club it looks really cool, I’m hitting it amazing and I is already making a big difference to my scoring not playing from silly places on the course I kept leaving myself with the old driver and having to try and scramble my way round trying to salvage pars. Now I’m hitting fairways and able to try get irons close and have chances for birdies.

I also hit my longest measured drive to date with it when I was out with my brother at Carluke a couple of weeks ago Peter Finch I’m a year or so late but I nearly completed the quest for 350 accidentally! 

On a side not the headcover has a lot of detail in it an a lot of design has gone into this as well, my only complaint is the colour scheme doesn’t go very well with my blue and white mizuno bag! 

I was so pleased with the callaway utility irons that I thought I would take a punt on one selling cheap on eBay which I a 2 iron equivalent to see how it worked out. Won the auction and a few days later had this to play with and a dilemma of what to take out of the bag to make room for it if I hit it well. 

I was debating if it would be a 3 wood replacement or if I would have to take a wedge out to make room for it if it worked. I was initially thinking it would be the 60 degree wedge that would be dropped in favour of the 2 iron. 

When I took it out on course and hit it on the dry firm fast fairways at hayston it was easy to decide that the 3 wood was coming out of the bag. I hit it with a lower flight than the 3 wood which will help in the wind but still able to carry it 225 yards, which was then rolling out anywhere between 245-270 yards! Unbelievable distance, straighter and easier to control in the wind. Sad day that the monkey headcover is no longer on the bag for the first time in about 15-20 years but the 3 wood is dropped in favour of better performance. 

Only downside to the 2 iron is this

Which will be getting replaced asap! Not liking the colour or feel of this grip at all butte club is working so I’m happy. 


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