What’s in the bag 2017

I’ve made a few changes to the club setup since last season so thought I should update with what I’m using for the season going forward. 

I’ll start at the scoring end of the bag first, new putter that I got towards the end of the season. Gone with a seemore mallet style head. Really liked the idea behind these with the alignment aid with the shaft and lines on the head. When I got it I wasn’t very happy with the grip on it and wasn’t putting well with it despite being custom fit for it. I changed the grip to a super stroke no taper counterbalance grip. This is the same thickness all the way down the grip and has a 50 gram weight screwed into the top of it which changes the balance point of the club. Since fitting it I have been putting much better and for the first time in a while I am really happy with my putting. 

Wedges are the same as last season but they have been adjusted to give me a better gaping with yardages I hit them. The 52 has been adjusted to 51 degrees because there was slightly too much difference between it and my pitching wedge. The 56 has been adjusted to 55 and the 60 left as it is. I have replaced the grips on them a s the titliest grips that were on them were far too thin so I replaced them with thicker grips with 3 layers of tape to thicken them up and also made them thicker at the bottom half so that they didn’t taper and have the grip thinner in the right hand than it was in the left. This is a really small thing but it feels so much better and I’m now more consistent with my striking and distance control with them. I’m really enjoying hitting them again. 

Irons are my old trusty mizuno mp68 blades that I have had since around 2009 #nothingfeelslikeamizuno I had the lofts and lies checked and reset to factory and the swingweight adjusted during the summer so nothing else been done with these. Contemplating changing them to something more forgiving but when I hit them well there is no better feeling iron and I am pretty accurate with them. Just wondering if over the course of a season a more forgiving set would be beneficial as when you miss hit them you know all about it and loose a lot of distance. 

I have made a change to the iron setup though, I used to have 3 iron to pitching wedge but I have taken 3 and 4 iron out and replaced them with more forgiving callaway prototype utility irons in 21 and 24 degree lofts. These are much easier to hit and fly a bit higher which will help hitting into the elevated greens at some of the longer holes at hayston. Should be more consistent with these than with the blades. 

The hybrid has come out of the bag, I had the occasional shot that went miles further than average and could hit it anywhere between 220 yards and 255 yards which I no use so this has been dropped. 

3 wood is unchanged and is my ping i20 that I have been using for about the last 5 years. Still hitting it well so it will be staying until I have a hit with a callaway epic 3 wood and only if it is substantially better will I consider changing. Failing that I will just leave it as it is. 

I have changed ball for this season as well. This is the biggest change for me and I am already seeing a big difference. I have played titliest since back in the days of the balata ball and changed to pro v1 when they stopped selling the balata. For the first time I have strayed away from titliest and have moved to callaway chrome soft and I’m loving them. To me they feel much softer and seem to spin more with shorter wedge shots and chips and have more feel when putting with them. Really enjoying using them and since I have changed I have been scoring much better due to my short game being better with them. 

You may notice that there is no mention of a driver, that’s because callaway still haven’t delivered the blooming thing yet! Come on callaway I’m not feeling very epic just now having to borrow a demo club every time I want to play! I have ordered a callaway epic that was custom fit and has transformed my game from the tee now I am hitting fairways more regularly and hitting it further also. 

So that’s the what’s in the bag for 2017, don’t think there will be much change from that anytime soon. 


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