Functionality and movement test  

I went to get myself tested along the lines of a titliest performance institute functionality test for golf yesterday.

Basically the test checks for range of movement, imbalances, and how you move to help correct anything that will hinder your golf swing. 

What I have found is that I was very good in some areas and pretty poor in others. balance, core strength and rotational flexibility in my back were all very good. what was not good was range of movement in my left shoulder, my arm doesn’t seem to want to rotate backwards properly  and also all down my left side is significantly tighter than my right. don’t know if it is a glute or hamstring issue but it needs sorted as this is causing back problems in my lower left side.

My posture is also very bad when standing in my normal address position which I have known for a while as my shoulders are very rounded when standing over the ball.

So things to work on over the winter are addressing the imbalances between my back and my chest that are causing my shoulders to come forward and my back to round  this is both flexibility and strength that needs to be worked on.

Also the tightness in my left calf hamstring and back that is causing my back to be sore and tight and possibly causing problems with me being able to turn through the ball properly. I have felt that I have been unable to rotate properly through my swing and that my hips and shoulders aren’t doing what I want them to so I am hoping that this is the cause.

Plan of attack is plenty of stretching since being sat in a car for most of the day then being sat at a desk is making me very tight and also weights to try build up the strength I have lost through lack of training and not doing a physical job any more. 

Weights will be kept simple, deadlift and bent over row one session and squats with bench press the other. this should help build a solid Base for golf and also strengthen my back and straighten up my posture. 

I’ve just been out and done the first session, 4 sets of 6 reps of bent over rows with 40kg and the same for deadlift with 70kg. starting out easy and light so I don’t end up injured and can keep making progress with weight on every session. patience is the key here, keep making baby steps of improvement and I’ll be happy.

Of to research best ways of stretching now. 


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