We got married! 

And the day went perfectly, Angela organised the most fun wedding I have ever been at. my dad also managed to attend which was an added bonus. This is one of the last pictures taken of my dad and one of the last of us together. 

He managed to keep himself going up until the speeches at dinner then had to go back to the apartments as he couldn’t last any longer. after all of the worry about whether or not he would see the wedding it was a relief to have him there and also good for him to see all of the family together one last time. 

This day seems like such a long time ago now. 

Straight after the wedding my new wife and I stayed at the fairmont at St Andrews for 2 nights, turning up in a kilt and a wedding dress was a great idea as we got a cheeky upgrade on the room to a suite which was bigger than some flats I have been in! 

We flew out to Milan for an overnight then travelled onto lake garda for our honeymoon. it was in the back of my mind when we left Scotland if I had seen my dad for the last time. 

The honeymoon was amazing. I have always liked Italian food so to go and experience it in Italy was awesome. Angela had salami pizza just about every night and has sampled every regional variance from Milan to Venice! we took in a bit of culture spending a night in verona and going to the opera in a proper roman amphitheatre. 

Then we had a go in a gondola in Venice.

Unfortunately the two weeks were over far too quickly and we had to come back home and back to reality again. the wedding and honeymoon came at just the right time for me as everything was starting to get on top of me. 


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