Tough times ahead

When we got back from honeymoon it was obvious that my dad had been motivated to make it to our wedding and since he got back from it he had deteriorated a lot. 

My mum was absolutely outstanding with the way that she cared for him over the next few months, she managed to keep him comfortable at home in his own bed for much longer than I could have. 

His condition was getting much worse, he was getting weaker and weaker with every passing day. his mind was starting to waver and he was also having hallucinations. watching a once strong and intelligent man decay physically and mentally day by day is the most horrible experience I have ever had, I can’t even begin to imagine what it must have been like for him suffering it, becoming less capable and more dependant every day.

Finally my dad decided it would be best for him to go into a hospice where they could make him more comfortable with better availability of medicine and pain relief. he was taken into Strathcarron hospice on the 13th of September. 

The staff and nurses in Strathcarron were fantastic. they reassessed and sorted out all of his medication which made a difference to him mentally making him much more alert and almost back to his old self. They managed to stabilise his condition and gave him a few weeks of comfort before his condition finally worsened to the point they could do no more for him. the last time I saw my dad conscious and spoke to him was on the 8th of October. He lost consciousness on the 10th of October and finally passed away on the evening of the 13th of October.  almost a year to the day since his diagnosis.

His funeral was on the morning of the 21st of October. 


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