Time to blow the cobwebs off this thing and get it up to date  

It’s been a long time since I last wrote anything on here  Angela and I had just got engaged and I was looking forward to our big adventure to Singapore for our first taste of a F1 grand prix. 

Everything was clicking into place for me and we got some good news a few days before we were due to go on holiday, our house sold after only 4 days of being on the market! we had been looking at various areas before deciding if we were selling to see what we could afford and had verbally agreed on a move a little bit East of where we were with my area manager at work. 

I called the manager up just before I finished for holiday to tell him I had sold the house and that I had a viewing booked for a potential new house in Larbert. it was during this phonecall that everything started to unravel. 

He looked on a map and told me that I cannot move there and if I did I would be in breach of contract and that I would be sacked because I was moving away from where my workload was. even though it was only 7 miles along the road and closer to the bulk of my work which was in Perth. Not the best of preparation for a holiday we had been looking forward to for almost a year.

We went to Singapore and had a great time, I loved the place and the grand prix lived up to what I had hoped it would be. 

This was the most enjoyable couple of weeks I have had and was gutted to be coming home, there was so much to see and do I am determined I will be back to Singapore sometime in the future  

Singapore zoo was outstanding, I could have spent a week in there and not got bored. definitely one for anyone’s to see list.  

Once we got back it was the start of one of the worst months I have ever had to deal with. it started with a massive fight with work about the house move in which I was told the verbal agreement with my area manager was worthless. I had sold my house on a managers word and he did not honour that word and suggested I move to areas that were not acceptable for me to move to or that’s wouldn’t be able to up size in and would have a bigger mortgage for a same size of house. I got the union involved and they were useless, after making me think I had a case to fight they backed down right at the last minute and told me not to fight. the joys of the union man being an employee of the company! 

Moving day deadline was fast approaching as the couple buying our house wanted to be in by the end of October. we ended up having to rent a storage unit and moving everything into there, but it wasn’t big enough so things ended up at Angela’s mum and dads, my mum and dads and my brothers to get the house cleared. in the middle of all this we went to a friends wedding in south East England for the weekend which was a welcome distraction for me, until I got a phonecall from my mum which was to bring even more turmoil to my life. My dad who had just retired 4 weeks earlier wasn’t well and had turned yellow.


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