Time for a new focus and a new goal. Finally I’m back on track!

I have decided to throw myself back into the goal of trying to turn pro. at the start of the year a new pro took over at Hayston golf club where I am a member. Scott Cleland has made a massive change to the shop and to the club, he is definitely an asset to the place and adds value for money to the membership fees. 

He is running a winter coaching programme with the aim of spending a lot of time with a limited number of people with the aim of making us much improved golfers by the start of the season next year. 

I went for the first session with him on Friday of last week and spent some time in his swing studio on trackman so he can figure out where my game is and where I am loosing shots and what needs to be worked on. going by my trackman combine score my handicap should be much less than it currently is. possibly by about 4 or 5 strokes. 

We have agreed that my driving and my pitching, specifically from inside 80 yards are the areas that need the most work. we have decided that the best course of action is to work on the pitching just now as that’s the part of the game that can save the most strokes.

Going by the numbers on trackman for my driver I am launching the ball far too low, this is hopefully a simple fix as my driver has adjustable loft hosel I have adjusted it from 9.5 degrees up to 11.5 degrees. my average launch angle is 9 degrees and is sometimes as low as 7 degrees. for the ball speed I am achieving my ideal launch angle is somewhere around 13 degrees which if my physics is correct should see me about 20 yards further carry with no other swing changes if I achieve that angle. I love technology!  

I haven’t tried the driver adjusted yet so am waiting to try that in the next day or so. we spent the remainder of the session working on why I am inconsistent with my pitching. Scott was very good at working out what my level of understanding was and how to put his ideas across to me and what changes to implement to make the difference. My lower body was very unstable and my weight positioning was way out so we worked on that first on the boditrak weight sensor mat which is an awesome piece of kit, it surprised me how far out my weight was and made fixing it very quick and easy since it shows you clearly where your weight actually is which isn’t where I thought it was! 

He has sent me home to work on this and on Wednesday he has arranged for me to go to a gym for a functional movement test to see if I have any strength imbalances or weak areas and if there are any flexibility issues that need addressed that could be causing problems with my swing. 

So with all this happening I will be emerging from the winter a leaner stronger better golfer ready to attack the course at the start of next season.

My goal is to get my handicap down to 2 or less (I’ve worked out I need to score level par 12 times to do it) then next March play in the qualifying for the europro tour which I can then turn professional at. Then I can enter a professional tournament and stand on the first tee as a professional golfer. 

Watch this space folks, I’m determined I’m doing it. 



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