Post holiday nightmare 

I was about 400 miles from home, and had no way of getting back home quickly. when I did get home it was obvious that dad was seriously unwell. his skin and eyes had turned yellow and he was very incoherent and had a very short attention span. After finally getting him to a Dr since he was adamant there was nothing wrong with him the Dr called back the day after the blood tests were taken and told my mum to prepare him for being picked up in an ambulance to be taken to hospital.  He was in hospital for a couple of weeks before the diagnosis that nobody wants to hear was made. There was a mass on his pancreas that was blocking it and it was looking like it was cancerous. 

He was taken to a different hospital which specialises in this type of cancer and has a stent inserted to get things working again and to take a sample from the mass. This confirmed that it was cancer of the pancreas.  

Whilst this was going on I was still fighting with work, just about to move out of our house and into my parents and searching for a new house and trying to think about a wedding. 

As I was moving out of the old house I got a phonecall from a random number, thinking it may be one of the estate agents I had registered with to try and find us a house I answered and it turned out it was someone from a recruitment agency asking if I was interested in applying for a job they had been sent. Normally I wouldn’t have given them the time of day and surprised myself with how patient I was with him given that I was carrying a mattress down the stairs at the time. I heard him out and told him to submit an application for me then forgot about it until a week later when he called me to tell me I had an interview. 

Que the worst prepared I have ever been for an interview in my life. In between working stupid long hours, trying to sort out stuff for moving and going to the hospital to visit dad I had no time whatsoever to prepare for it. I went in feeling like I had no chance and wasn’t happy with how it went so put it down to experience and got stuck back into house stuff.

We found a new house by total fluke, it was in an area we hadn’t considered beforehand had just been dropped in price to within our budget. A frantic and action packed 5 weeks later with a job interview in the middle of it and we were standing at the front door of our new house waiting on the woman from the house builders coming to give us the keys. 

At least that was one less worry on my mind, until I got a phonecall to tell me I had got the job I had been for the interview for! Now for another big decision to make, move from the company that I had been with for 6 years to one I had never heard of until was told I had an interview. Or stay with the manager that had caused me major problems with the house.

I ended up making the decision to leave and move onto another challenge. by this point dad was out of hospital and stabilised and waiting for treatment and Angela and I were moved into the new house and unpacked after gathering all of our things back from all over the central belt of Scotland. 

Since it was our first Christmas in our new home and highly likely it was going to be my dads last Christmas Angela wanted to have a big family gathering at our house with us hosting Christmas dinner. 3 weeks to go before Christmas and the drains under the house backed up and we ended up with sewage coming up through the living room and dining room floor which totally ruined the carpet and underlay and left a horrific smell. more stress! the house builders got it sorted the weekend before Christmas and dinner was back on. by this point I had handed in my notice at work and finished up just before Christmas to give myself a break before starting the new job. 


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