Busy year ahead 

Christmas went well and everyone had a good time. We went to Stonehaven with Angela’s family to see the tar balls at hogmanay. when we got back it was into the busiest, most stressful and emotional period of my life so far. 

I had started my new job and was thrown in at the deep end since my colleague that covered half of the country retired and I was left to cover the whole of Scotland and Northern England on my own. The combination of this and everything that was happening with my dad I found it really difficult to think about my upcoming wedding which I am ashamed to say Angela arranged single handed with very little input from me. 

Dad was told in April that the chemotherapy hadn’t worked and that they wouldn’t be doing any further planned treatment and that the likelihood was that he only had 2 months left. Our wedding was just over 2 months away. this left us all wondering would he still be here for the wedding? if he was then what state of health would he be in? would he able to make the journey to St Andrews to see us get married? 

Angela again demonstrated how selfless and thoughtful she is and suggested that we bring the wedding forward and have a quick registry office wedding as soon as possible to make sure that my dad was there to see us married. Knowing how much getting married in St Andrews meant to her and the massive amount of time, thought and effort she had already put into the day I couldn’t do it. I told her I wanted to take the chance to see if dad lasted and could make it till July. 

In this 7 month period I never gave golf a thought and the only time I had touched my golf clubs was when I was moving house. in the start of April I had managed to get a spare day and decided to go out for a game of golf. Then this happened. 

One broken ankle sustained on the path coming off of the 4th tee. season off to the worst possible start.


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