Long overdue update

Been a busy month, had lots happening but no golf until today unfortunately.

Biggest piece of news is a big life changer, I asked Angela to marry me and I’m delighted to report she said yes! Now to plan a wedding.


Most of my time has been taken up sorting out the garden to get it ready for putting the house up for sale, I underestimated the scale of the task ahead of me with this one and instead of the 3 or 4 days I thought I could get it done in it has taken about 3 or 4 weeks and still isn’t finished. It sucks having ocd and being a bloody perfectionist on everything, it makes everything I do take so long. But I am starting to see the benefits of all our hard work and really pleased with the way it is looking and proud of the job we have done all ourselves.


Have been away to Leeds this weekend to see Europe’s strongest man, Angela bought me tickets to go to it and paid for our train and hotel for my birthday present. My brother and my best mate all went down and I had a ball. Turns out a buffet steakhouse on the eve of the event was an inspired choice for dinner as we got to meet so many of the guys I have been watching compete in world’s strongest man on the telly for years in the restaurant and observe their feeding habits!  First one we noticed was Eddie Hall at the salad bar,  which is a sentence I never thought I’d ever say!  then we seen Darren sadler, Mark felix, luke stoltman, Jerry pritchard, Terry hollands and Bill Kazmire. We waited until they had all finished eating and were hanging around outside before approaching them. Eddie Hall was kind enough to get a picture with a couple of awestruck Scottish guys. Eddie is the one in the middle! And that’s terry hollands in the background.


Seen Eddie break the world record for deadlift on Saturday with a lift of 463kg and he looked like he could have maybe gone heavier,  outrageously strong.

Back home last night and finally an update about golf! Woohoo! Played for the first time in a month and wasn’t expecting much. Didn’t hit and shots before I played I just went to the practice green and putted for about 45 min to get the pace of the greens. It was doubles we were playing and one of the guys I was playing against would be a dream teammate. He didn’t hit it far off the tee but hit every single fairway and had the best short game I have seen in a long time,  he couldn’t reach some of the par 4’s in 2 and got up and down 6 times from about 40/50 yards for par, it was a joy to watch but frustrating as hell to play against. We lost the first hole and were 3 down 3 times and won 15,16 halved 17 to go from 2 down with 4 to play to all square on the last. I had a really tough chip shot from the back of the green and nearly holed it and was conceded the putt for my 3 and to win the match. The guys we were playing against must have been gutted given that they were at least one hole up from the first till the 16th for us to steal it on the last which was the only time in the game we had the lead.

I’m really happy with the way I got round the course, I didn’t play particularly well and hit a few bad shots and put myself in some really awkward places but I managed to keep my focus on just getting the ball as close to the hole with my next shot as I could and didn’t get annoyed at the bad shots or when we were getting beaten. I’m happy that I managed to grind out a result against a couple of decent golfers one of them who was playing particularly well when I hadn’t played for so long and wasn’t playing anywhere near my best. It was a typical matchplay game for me getting the determined head on and getting a result somehow.

That’s us up to date again. Hoping to play on Friday the got a medal on Saturday so looking forward to that.


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