Been a busy few weeks, long overdue update. 

Had 2 weeks off work and I’m back to work today for a rest I’ve been that busy. 

First week was taken up with our walk of the west highland way which took a couple of days longer than we had planned. We had planned on doing it in 5 days but a combination of very hot weather and my feet hurting a lot slowed us down a bit so we ended up taking 7 days to do it. 

I’m still recovering from it just over a week later but I’m glad we did it and although it made the going very tough with the heat I’m thankful for the weather we had when doing it as it showed the Scottish countryside in all of its glory and gave us some views of landscapes that are unforgettable. Got a few places on my list to revisit for a weekend as well. 

Anyone thinking about doing it I would recommend it but get a company to carry your bags between stops as it makes things so much easier. And take a pair of trainers to do the flat parts as it is much easier on the feet I had comfortable worn in boots for doing it and even these weren’t soft enough for me. We had to stop in the green welly stop in tyndrum 52 miles in to look for a pair of trainers and ended up with Angela treating me to a pair of very fancy expensive sandals that were a revelation for the rest of the walk. I wore them for about 40 of the last 44 miles and only trick them off because it rained for an hour or so. 

Last week was spent sorting out the garden putting up new fences and doing a bit of landscaping, had hoped to have it done in a couple of days but the theme of this holiday was everything took longer than expected! 6 days later and it still isn’t finished so just going to chip away at it in the mornings when I’m back shift this week. 

So all of that amounts to me not having touched a golf club for 3 weeks now and it’s probably going to be another week before I get anywhere near one next. On the plus side I seem to have lost a little weight over the last week so that’s never a bad thing, trousers seem to be fitting a little looser than they did!  



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