Busy weekend with mixed emotions

played 3 times over the weekend last week. Friday night was my first team match for Hayston against palacerigg. Weather was horrible and I played pretty poorly. Recon that I was trying too hard and over thinking on the course instead of playing freely and naturally. Had also fallen into the trap of trying to hit the ball too hard again and couldn’t stop myself from launching at the ball on the downswing.

The format for the match is play head to head match play for the full 18 holes and the holes up total for each game gets added together to give a total score for the match. I was 3 down on the last tee and won the 18th to get my score back to 2 down. When I got off the course I found out that me winning the last hole was the difference between a drawn match and Hayston winning the match 1 hole up. I’m not sure how I feel about this, had it been against another team I would have been really pleased at myself for getting a result for the team and fighting right till the end of the round to keep the score as low as possible even at the point when I could no longer win or draw my match. But when it was against old mates I found it hard to enjoy or celebrate the result. Perhaps I’m just not ruthless enough!
Played my first medal round for weeks on Saturday. Really wished I hadn’t, the team match was a late finish and I never got home till after 11 on Friday night and my tee off for Saturday was 9:39 so I had to leave the house just after 8 to get to the course in time to hit a few shots and have a few putts before going out. I was really tired, mentally drained and couldn’t be bothered playing. Not a good way to head out to the course. Played pretty poorly again and had no luck all round and ended up having a nightmare round. I can take a few positives from it though in that the mental side of things I have been working on with Greg is making a difference and keeping me focused on the shot I am playing and not what has happened previously or will happen later on and stopping me from hitting a shot being influenced by anything else positive or negative. I think this helped prevent the score from being a total disaster.
On Sunday I played a fun game with 3 old mates that I used to play in the juniors with. 2 of them I haven’t played golf with for about 15 years and probably haven’t seen them for about 10 years. We played at Kilsyth, the layout has changed a lot since I last played there so I was looking forward to a game on a new course with some old mates. Again the weather was terrible but I had a lot of fun catching up with the guys and played really well and hit a lot of very good shots. It was the first time for a while I have gone out and just enjoyed a game of golf regardless of play or scores and I think this was possibly why I played better because I wasn’t putting myself under pressure to score.
Not done much this week, been working long shifts and also suffering with a cough and cold. So no training or golf this week so far, think I will use this week as a recovery week to get myself sorted for the west highland way and Nevis next week.


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