Got some new scoring sticks and a new fan today. 

after lots of time spent considering it I have decided to bite the bullet and get some new wedges and change the set composition as well. I’m looking like I’m dropping the 3 wood in favour of an extra wedge. I use 3 wood very rarely and think an extra wedge will help with shots from 120yards and in and get more use than the 3 wood will. 

Went to Stirling golf club to get a go with some demo clubs they have, nowhere seems to want you to try wedges before you buy but Stirling had a few demo sets and Angela’s dad had sorted out with the pro for me to have a go with them. 

Assistant in the shop was very helpful and gave me the lofts I was looking for so armed with the new clubs and my old ones I headed to the range. They have marker posts at 50 and 100 yards so just hit balls to them and pretty pleased with the results. Nice flight from them and pretty consistent off the club as well resulting in a nice tight grouping from them. 

Collected in the balls I had hit and headed back up to my bag and a lady member approached me. She came over and told me she had been watching me hitting balls from her car for half an hour and that I had a beautiful swing and that I was hitting the ball brilliantly and she had really enjoyed watching me play! Fan club member no 1! 

I carried on hitting some more shots trying different things to see how the different lofts worked then headed back up to the shop to take the demo set back. I was stopped twice on my way back to the shop by people asking if I was the guy that was hitting balls on the range, the lady I had been speaking to had told everyone she passed about me and by the time I got back to the clubhouse I was the talk of the steamie! 

Ego suitably massaged and head slightly inflated I went in and came away with these new weapons. 


Hopefully these will help lower my scores, I seem to be getting a lot more 50-90 yard shots at the new course so thinking these will help me in that kind of distance range get the ball closer. 

Also looking at the videos from last night I think I need to be a little further from the ball as I seem to be very cramped up through impact. 



So that’s something else to work on and get sorted out. Never ending this pursuit for improvement! 

Going to head out and try work out my yardages with the new short sticks and get some short game practice in as well.  


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