Quasimodo is in town! Also some controversial news. 

Been a busy week or so with golf and training being non existent due to work and other commitments. Managed to the driving range on Saturday and was hitting it terribly. 

Driver was starting right of target at going even further right in the air ending up about 80 yards right of where I was aiming. Not ideal! Was striking the irons very inconsistently as well and didn’t have a miss in the same direction 2 shots in a row. Came home with my head all over the place with swing thoughts. 

Came home from work and a mate Scott that I used to play quite regularly with got in touch about getting a game, ended up going to the range to try sort out some faults for each other and I’m so glad I did. 

Straight away Scott noticed that my stance was closed and my posture was terrible making it difficult for my arms to clear my body coming through the ball. Couple of tweaks later and I started hitting it much straighter. Still a bit inconsistent trying to get used to the new setup position but the bad shots are nowhere near as wayward as they were before so that’s a step in the right direction. 

I also managed to sort a few things in Scott’s setup and swing and he started hitting it very nicely by the time we left. I got Scott to video my swing for me with an app on my phone. 

First video is a 9 iron with bad posture. Hunch back of notre dam! 

Next video is another 9 iron but you can see I’m not as rounded with my shoulder blades. I hit this about 135 carry compared to the 100 yards of the first one. 

Last one is of the driver. Hit this one off the board that was 290 out, was pretty happy with this drive. Even had a small draw on it! 

Controversial news is I have been picked to play in the team for the new club, against my old team at my old club at my old course this coming Friday! This is going to be and interesting night for me, not sure how I will feel about this one. 

Also been doing more work with Greg on the mental side of things, working on me getting focused on the right things on course, forgetting and getting over the bad stuff, working out what needs to be fixed off the course and staying in the moment. All good stuff that’s making a lot of sense to me and should see a difference in my game when I put it all into practice properly. 

So that’s me up to date, day off tomorrow so will be playing tomorrow and putting some of the newly learned things into effect. 


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