Never been so scared on a golf course in my life! 

Came up to Stonehaven to spend some time with Angela on my days off, since she is working today I thought I would be an opportunity missed to not bring the clubs and see what the local course had to offer. 

I’ve passed Stonehaven golf club lots of times and it looks spectacular with a lot of the holes running along the cliff side. Very picturesque and I’ve always fancied playing it so this morning I jumped it the car and headed over thinking if I like it I could be taking them up on the £255 country membership offer and playing a bit of golf up here. 

Everyone in the club were very friendly and it seems to be popular with tourists from all over the world coming to play it. It’s a very short course with a lot of par 3’s on it so only a par 66. Wind was very fierce today coming in from the sea. Must have been at least 30mph as it was difficult to stand still and the ball was moving on the ground because of it. 

First was straightforward good 3 iron off the tee then a punched wedge onto the green and lipped out for birdie. Then it all got a bit scary! 

This is the tee at the 2nd. 


I’m not good with heights at all and this was pretty high up on a cliff with the strong wind and I just shut down and couldn’t swing the club. Got an irrational fear that the club was going to slip out of my hands and end up in the sea! Managed to chop it somewhere near the green and chip and putt for par. This was the theme for most of the round as most of the course is round the cliff edge. The 4 hole loop that is inland from 9 to 12 I played in 3 under par just purely because I was swinging more freely. Some of the par 3’s if you miss in the wrong place it’s game over very punishing. Was pleased with my short game today and managed to scramble my way round in 70 which was ok considering I couldn’t bring myself to swing the club on a few tees through being totally petrified of the cliff edge. It was a shame because it is a stunning course and in great condition just my fear of heights spoiled my enjoyment and I couldn’t wait to get off the course. To the point I was actually considering walking off. Only thing that kept me on was the fact I had paid £32 to play it and I’m too tight to let it go! 

So back to the drawing board with a course up here then! 

This is the 14th tee and is the one that nearly finished me off. Took a massive effort for me to walk up here and stand over the ball. Scariest place I’ve ever hit a golf ball from ever. 



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