First game for nearly 2 weeks

work and the weather have gotten in the way a lot the last couple of weeks. 

Went up to the club to go to the practice range for a while to work on some of the things Greg has asked me to do but the range was very busy so could only hit some 40 yard pitches. Ended up going out and playing 18, wasn’t ideal but better than nothing. 

Interesting start, double bogey at the first never hit a good shot the full hole. Felt really rusty and didn’t feel comfortable over the ball or hitting a shot. Then onto the second which is par 5, boomed a massive drive down the right hand side hit a 6 iron just off the green to the left of the pin and chipped in for 3! 

Rest of the round was fairly uneventful, struggling off the tee blocking everything out to the right which is costing me some shots but short game is showing signs of improvement and hit a lot of nice touch shots from 100 yards and in so I’m happy with that. Finding that I am able to visualise shots better around the greens now with the techniques Greg is getting me to do at home which is helping the short game a lot. 

The course and greens in particular have formed up a lot in the last couple of weeks since I last played and I’m thinking I may need to get new wedges since the ones I have are 5 years old and the grooves will be worn down not giving me as much spin as they should. I’m also thinking about dropping the 3 wood from the bag in favour of carrying an extra wedge as I think the extra wedge will save more shots than a 3 wood since the 3 wood is very rarely out of the bag at hayston for me. 

Off to have a google at wedges now! 


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