Saddle sore anyone? 

Had the plan of going to the course this morning before work to get some short game practice in since I’m back shift this week. Weather put a stop to that when I got up. Howling gusting wind and rain are not the conditions for good practice so decided not to go. 

I’m going for quality of time spent rather than quantity as I think going for the sake of going to say I went and did x amount of hours practice isn’t the way forward. I think that’s the way to bring faults into the game where if I only practice when I can completely focus on what I am doing and repeat good habits then that is the way I will improve. 

That doesn’t mean I have sat about and done nothing all morning though. I spent some time on the foam roller easing off my back after deadlifts on Sunday and spent a lot of my day driving yesterday as well which didn’t help. 

I then did 30k on the bike, this is the longest I have sat on the bike indoors and was struggling for the last 10min or so. Not with fitness or legs giving out but from saddle soreness. Even with a padded saddle and padded cycling shorts on my bum is killing me! Any suggestions for how to combat this will be welcomed. 

After that I spent about 15min stretching. I’m really starting to feel the benefit of stretching daily now, its amazing how something so simple and that takes up so little time can make such a difference. Don’t feel as stiff or sore all the time and feel like I am moving a lot more freely. 

Also working on some things that Greg has given me to do. It is to try and build confidence and a better self image so spending time going over good shots from my last round and trying to visualise them and the swing that produced them and the feelings from them. 

That’s about it for today, off to get ready for work now. 



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