Today didn’t go as planned. 

Ended up didn’t go on the training walk today, had a rubbish sleep and Angela wasn’t well this morning. Walk idea scrapped so had a lazy day and rested for a change. 

Watched the F1, had dinner then did some training. Decided it’s time to up the weight training as I have let slip the last couple of weeks. I’m keeping it simple though just a straightforward strength routine. 

One session will be bench press and deadlift, the other squats and bent over row. I’m going for high weight low reps as I’m looking to build power rather than stamina for golf. 

Tonight I benched 65 kg for reps and deadlifted 100kg for reps. I will aim to slightly increase the weight each week. After that I did 25k on the bike in just under 40min. So much for the rest day! 

Golf psychologist also got back to me today with what he wants me to work on. I’ll post the details up tomorrow once I get my head round it properly. 


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