West highland way has got to happen now. 

No medal on at the golf club this weekend. Ladies medals on so no golf again today. It was spent productively though. 

Been out and bought all our kit for doing the west highland way and it cost a fortune! So no excuses it’s gotta happen now. Bought new boots as it is mostly hard ground along the route and the boots I have are hard soles for more moorland and rocky terrain. They are brutal on your feet when walking on tarmac. The ones I bought are much more cushioned soles and a lot lighter as well so will make the walk a bit easier hopefully. 

Also got some decent trousers and t shirts to hopefully keep me cool if it is mega warm when we are doing it and a couple of good quality fleece tops for when it is cooler at night. Had to get a sleeping bag and a bed mat as well as these are things I’ve never needed before. Sleeping bag has a net to keep  the midges at bay hopefully! 

Then a good sturdy bag to carry it all in and a 3 litre hydration sack to finish it off. I recon 3 litres of water a day should hopefully be enough to stop dehydration from being a problem. 

I also have the privilege of getting to carry the tent in my bag since Angela refuses to! Got a training walk tomorrow in killin that is about 7 hours or so. I’m toying with the idea of loading up the bag with all the stuff I’ll be carrying on the big walk to see how I cope. Yet to decide, think I’ll see how I feel in the morning. 

Hopefully report back tomorrow night with some decent pictures from the top of a hill. 



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