Positive signs

I’m much happier with my overall game today. Finding my rhythm now and feel like I am playing well within myself and making a big step forward with how I am hitting the ball. 

Went to the course just over an hour before my tee time and hit 20 wedges then 10 9 irons and finished with 10 7 irons. Spent 10 min on the practice green then went out to play. 

Wind was really strong and gusting which was making it difficult to judge as 15 of the holes on the course are either into the wind or downwind. Started bogey birdie birdie then got to the short par 3 4th. 120 yards into the wind I went with 9 iron as I would normally hit 52 degree wedge so 2 clubs more, just as I hit it the wind picked up and I ended up hitting the front of the green and spinning back off of it 30 yards down a steep bank into a gully short of the green. Found a horrible lie and overshot the chip through the green and left a nightmare chip back down a quick hill to the hole. Ran the chip past and missed the putt coming back to end up double bogey. 

Was 1 over par after 10 and still quite happy with my play striking the ball well, holed a few putts and thinking well. 

Then the wheels came off! Made a silly bogey at 11, tried to punch a 9 iron into the wind from 100 yards and I cut it a little left a nightmare chip into the green and didn’t get up and down. Par at 12 then a disaster at 13. 

Hit a big drive down the right hand side and had 110 into the front quarter of the green where the pin was. Hit 52 degree wedge with 3/4 swing as it was downwind and ended up catching another big gust as I hit it and ended up hitting it about 170 yards! 13 shares a green with 15 and the flag for 15 was almost in my line, stupidly I left the flag in and ended up hitting it with my chip shot and the ball stopped dead leaving a nightmare putt over the ridge that separates the 2 halves of the green. Ended up 3 putting for double bogey. 

Had another blob at 16, hit a 70 yards pitch straight into the wind and as I hit it the wind dropped and I flew over the green. Left a nightmare chip back over a bank downhill and fluffed it. Chipped on and missed the putt for bogey. Bogeyed 17 and 18 through lack of concentration to end up with a 78. 

8 over with 3 silly double bogeys in very difficult conditions. Hit the ball very well, picked my shots pretty well, putted very well and for most of the round I was thinking really well. Had a couple of slips in commitment to shots that I got away with that needs work. I also got ahead of myself and was thinking about score instead of just staying on the shot I was playing which I need to stop. Short game still needs a lot of work but was much improved from last week. 

All in about as happy as I have ever been shooting a 78.  



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