Word of the day is smoooooooth

Spent a few hours at the course again after work yesterday, starting to think and act a bit more like a decent player now. 

Spent a couple of hours on the practice range just hitting wedges to try get a bit of feeling in the swing. I have been swinging far too fast and feel very jerky at impact, hitting at the ball too hard and then feels almost like the swing is stalling just after impact. Was concentrating on being slow on the backswing and smooth on the way down and through. 

Easier said than done trying to slow the swing tempo down though. I have been swinging too fast for too long and trying to break the habit is difficult. My problem has been trying to power my way round the course when I should be trying to control my way round, because of this I have been swinging the club back too quickly and not finishing my backswing before thrashing back down to the ball. 

End result of this has been major inconsistency as my body isn’t in sync with my arms and I keep getting the wrong path through the ball and hitting it off target or getting bad contact and either thinning it or hitting it fat. 

So thought process for hitting a shot was focus completely on a small target before addressing the ball then slow and smooth for hitting it. Must have hit about 80 wedges on the practice range, some good. Some very good. Some absolutely shocking! When I kept it smooth I was striking it very nicely but every now and then I seem to switch my brain off and end up thrashing at the ball again and hitting it terrible. 

This is the main problem with my game, not concentrating when I should be and not getting the brain switched on fully come shot time. My mind seems to wander to other things. This is something I am trying really hard with just now. 

After hitting the wedges I spent an hour hitting some shots of about 30-40 yards to work on my feel and distance control. Again trying to keep it smooth and not hit at the ball or jerk through it. Then it was up to the practice green to work on my putting. I must have hit about 2000 putts mostly concentrating on distance control on longer putts of 20 feet and over since this is a part of the game I have always struggled with even when playing a lot of golf as a junior. 

I think I have had a breakthrough with this and it’s so simple that I can’t believe I haven’t worked it out or nobody told me it before now. Imagine how quickly I would have to roll the ball along the ground with my hand to get it to the hole and move the putter at that speed. That’s it. So simple and it seems to be working for me. 

My back started to get sore after all that putting so I went out onto the course to try and put all the theory and practice to work. There is an improvement, still having a few daft shots here and there when my concentration goes but on the whole I’m more consistent and more accurate now which is what I’m aiming for. Short game still needs a lot of work before it is at the level I want it to be but I’m confident it will come. 

Got home and did some stretching and that was me for the night. Off today and tomorrow so going to do a bit more practice today and have another medal round tomorrow so determined to improve on last weeks disaster! I’ll update later with today’s progress.  


2 thoughts on “Word of the day is smoooooooth

  1. Loving the updates. Dont be too hard on yourself for not staying fully focused for 80 wedge shots one after the other, that is a fair amount and difficult to stay for focused for all of them if they are at the same distance and same target. There is a great dvd called Practice like a Pro, might be useful in terms of being very constructive with your practise.


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