Unusual thing for a golfer to have sore. 

My bum hurts! Just been on the bike again and did 20k in 32min and I’m pretty saddle sore even with cycle shorts on. I’ve been out of the saddle too long it would appear. Just done some more stretching and foam rollering, foam roller on the gristly bits of the calves is just bloody evil. But a much needed one as my calves have been getting tight feeling with all the shots I’ve been hitting, right one especially with driving the legs through the shot. 

That coupled with an old injury to my right ankle where I tore just about every ligament on the outside of my ankle it’s something I really need to keep on top of. That and my dodgy back that I need to keep on top of with trying to keep it supple or I seize up and end up sore. 

Going to have something to eat then need to decide on today’s plan of attack. Don’t know if I should just go to the driving range or go to the course. 


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