Trying a different pre competition approach this week. 

Last week before the Saturday competition I pretty much golfed myself out on the Friday playing to rushed rounds pretty poorly. 

Different plan of attack this week. Spent a couple of hours hitting balls on the range, started with wedges hitting about 40 balls. The wind was pretty strong so hit 10 8 irons into it then hit 10 6 irons, gathered up the balls then hit 20 8 irons back in the opposite direction from where the 6 irons finished. Wasn’t thinking about technique at all just staying smooth through the whole swing and was pretty happy with how I was hitting it. Finished up on the range by hitting a few pitch shots. By this time I was starting to get a little tired so headed for the practice green and spent an hour there. 

Started out working on the pace of long putts then worked my way closer to the hole but mixing up the distance a bit from mid to long putts to try and build up a bit of feel then finished up holing out 3 footers just to see the ball going in the hole to try build a bit of confidence ahead of tomorrow. 

No course time today but I’m happier with my game just now than I was this time last week and have hit a lot of nice iron shots today. Back is a little bit sore so going to do a bit of stretching then off out with Angela for dinner. Will update tomorrow with how my round went. 


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