Non golf stuff to help playing golf. 

Been a bit lazy with the exercise side of things and very lazy when it comes to stretching. Changed that today, did 30 min on the bike when I got up this morning and managed to do 16k in that time. Had a look about on the Internet to see what kind of stretches to do to help with my flexibility for my golf swing. 

Turns out I’m horrifically inflexible! Can barely touch my toes and hip flexors are very tight. Sitting in a van all day has really taken its toll on me and I’ve been shocked at how bad I am in this department. Conscious effort now to do some stretching daily to sort this out. I’ve been struggling with back pain for the last few years and think focusing too much attention on trying to ease it off and neglected everything else. 

I spent half an hour or so stretching calves, hamstrings, glutes, hip flexors then back, shoulders, chest and forearms. Really noticed a difference when I got to the course today swing felt so much freer and was hitting it pretty well. 

Noticed something else that I wasn’t doing properly on course today. I wasn’t picking out a target to aim at and focus myself on hitting and my accuracy has been suffering. My thinking on course has been poor lately, been too interested in learning the new course that I have neglected a basic part of setting up to hit a shot and it really showed in my game last Saturday. Concentration on the course hasn’t been great either my mind keeps wandering. So that’s another thing to add to the list of things to improve! This list is getting pretty long. 

Mental approach and flexibility. The 2 main things I’m going to have to work on going forward.  



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