Weather didn’t beat me today! 

Had another early finish from work today and as usual the minute I got home the rain and hail started. Waited it out till about 6 then headed over to the course for some short game practice. 

Dug out some wedges that were up in the loft to try and see if they made any difference as I felt I was struggling from inside 100 yards with contact and distance control. The ones I has in the bag had a lot of bounce, for the non golfers bounce I the angle on the bottom of the club that changes how the club slides through the grass. Bounce is exactly what it says, it makes the club bounce up and stops it from digging in as much when you hit the ground with it. 

On my old course with very soft turf this was ideal to help stop the club slide under the ball as much but the new course has very hard soil and a lot of bounce isn’t good on hard ground, the wedges I took out had a lot less bounce and I have noticed a big difference when playing shorter pitch shots that the contact with the ball is much better so I was able to judge the distance I was hitting them better. Spent pretty much all of my time just chipping and pitching around the practice green to see what ones were working better and have come away much happier than I was with my game at the weekend. 

Played a few holes to get out to the practice green since it is a mega walk to get there then played a couple of holes back in. Still not happy with driver just now so need to do a bit of work on that because I’m not hitting it as straight as I would like so that might be the focus for tomorrow when I’m off. 

Only thing left for tonight is some stretching and a bit of foam rollering to try loosen off some tight bits then off to bed. Let’s see what tomorrow brings. 


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