Snow?! In April?! 

Weather has sabotaged my plans for this afternoon. 

Have a few early finishes from work this week so aim was to do some work on the short game and try to sharpen things up from 100 yards in. That’s where I feel I am loosing most shots just now. 

Think last week I spent too much time focused on learning the course and running round it too quickly and getting myself into too quick a rhythm on course my swing tempo got too quick and knocked my timing out. Also I have got myself into the habit of walking really quickly so in Saturday’s competition I kept getting away ahead of my playing partners and having to stop and wait for them to catch up. 

With that in mind I’m going to concentrate my practice on the range this week and see if that helps and try to get my natural pace of play back. Finished work early this afternoon and headed to the club to use the practice range and as soon as I got into the car park the wind turned gale force and the hail/sleet/snow started. 

Sat in the car for 15 min to see if it would pass and it didn’t. Short game practice session cancelled. New plan head for the driving range and hit 200 balls in freezing cold. It was 1 degree when I got out the car and still snowing. Pro in the driving range said I was nuts going out in that. I corrected him not nuts. Dedicated! 

Glad I did go to the range, removed all the swing thoughts from my head and just got back to swinging instinctively with a nice tempo and was a lot more consistent. Productive afternoon that could easily have been abandoned all together. Hopefully the weather is a bit kinder the rest of the week. 


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