Not a good couple of days golf

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Game has gone horribly wrong over the last few days, no consistency at all. Not hitting a consistent shape with any club, chunking irons, missing greens, not chipping close and not holing putts.

Played 2 games on Friday,  first game was not good at all. Finished birdie birdie for 80 which was my worst round to date. Struggled with transition from backswing to downswing and didn’t get any irons close or hole any putts. Realised towards the end of the round that I wasn’t making a full shoulder turn and was starting the downswing too quickly so tried to concentrate on getting left shoulder under my chin and pausing for a moment before starting down.

Went back out for a second round and this was my swing thought to see if it was the key. Now ended up with another couple of problems. Timing and a big dip into the ball hitting so easy massively fat shots.

I felt in a better position at the top but wasn’t doing anything with it. I have 1 of 4 outcomes just now, first is right side collapses at start of downswing and I hit about 4 inches behind the ball, next is I start down by sliding the hips and get way inside on the way down causing a push fade or a massive hook depending on how well I get my hands through the ball, the next most destructive one is I start the downswing with the shoulders and get right over the top of it attack the ball really steeply from the outside and shank it, finally I get the right swing plane and get through the ball well and hit it really good with a nice straight flight and wonder how the hell I did it and what the first movement of the downswing was!

Managed to scramble my way around in 75 which was a bit more encouraging but I still was a bit concerned about how bad my game was and how low my confidence in my swing was. Don’t want perfection just want a consistent shot I can work with.

That brings us to yesterday, my first medal day since changing course. It’s been a 3 week build up to it and everyone there is expecting big things from me because of the amount of time I have spent practicing and out on the course trying to learn my way around the place. I’m not full of such high hopes because I have never played it from the medal tees only the yellows and there are a couple of holes that I’m not so sure about what the strategy is from the medal tee. Got to the course nice and early signed in for the competition and headed for the practice range to hit some balls.

Forgot to add my back had been sore all day Friday from carrying the club’s on Thursday and I had half hoped that was the cause of the poor play on Friday,  did some stretching and foam roller work on it when I got home on Friday night then Angela gave me a massage to work out the knots in it and when I got up on Saturday it was feeling pretty good. I was feeling a little more hopeful being pain free. Hit 10 wedges down the range, first 5 or 6 were terrible thinned stiff swings then I started to free off and hit it ok. I collected them in and hit them back up to the bag using the bag as a target and felt the swing was pretty good. Happy with that I went up and spent 15 min on the practice green mostly holing 3 footers then hitting some long putts to try get my pace dialed in.

Met my playing partners and headed down to the first tee, didn’t catch the drive very well but split the fairway and was a reasonable distance down. Had a 5 iron in for second shot and that’s where it all went horribly wrong! Came into the ball with body and hands very open and hit a big push fade 30 yards right of the green. I had a bunker to come over to get to the pin and some overhanging branches between me and the bunker so couldn’t lob it over the bunker, tried a 53 degree wedge back in the stance to hit a low spinning pitch that would check up when it hit the green to keep under the branches and ended up hitting them anyway and plugging in the face of the bunker. Splashed out to 20 feet then stupidly raced they putt 5 feet past trying to make bogey then missed the one back. 3 putt 7. Horrible start.

Never holed a single putt the whole round, didn’t even threaten the hole. Had lots of birdie chances on the back 9 and never took any of them. Only birdie of the day was at the 5th when I holed a 3 footer for birdie. That was my only single putt of the day, had 3 putted 3 times so score was never going to be good with that performance on the greens. 1 triple bogey 3 double bogeys later I get to the 18th tee. I had not a bad run on the back 9, hit 7 greens in a row by the time I got there and that was where the spectacular finish happened. 18th is a 120 odd yards par 3 slightly  uphill down wind. Easy finishing hole normally, NOT TODAY!

This finish deserves it’s own paragraph. Didn’t settle over the ball, first mistake. Wasn’t comfortable with my stance but hit the shot anyway. Had given up by this point and just wanted off the course. Hit the shot and it went about 30 yards forwards and 200 yards right, most spectacular shank I have ever hit or witnessed in my life. Out of bounds. Reloaded and hit a massive hook for the next shot that was scarily close to the clubhouse. Left myself a nightmare downhill chip from about 4 feet above the level of the green which I ran 15 foot past. Given up completely by this point. Lipped out with the putt for 5 then missed a 18 inch putt for 6 to end up with a 7. By far worst round of the last couple of seasons, can’t remember the last time I scored so high.

Came off feeling pretty miserable because I know there are a few people that were looking out for my first round to see what I could do and didn’t really have any positives from my round. Supposed to be playing again today but thinking I will give it a miss and just practice and try get a consistent swing going, don’t want handicap to go up 0.2 in one weekend!

Hopefully next update will be a more positive one.


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