practice plan didn’t happen

Practice didn’t happen this morning before work, had to do an online training course and complete an end test so didn’t have enough time before starting work at 11am to get to the course and back and have any kind of decent practice. Another 12 hour back shift today so not getting to the course today again.

Instead of practice I decided to use the time that I had left between the training and work to do some stretching. Flexibility is a major issue for me at the moment, spend most of my day driving so starting to stiffen up quite bad. This is something I am going to make a conscious effort to do anytime I have a spare min, see if being more supple will help the swing. I’m actually thinking about looking for some yoga videos or instruction on the internet to see if that will help with back pain that I get from driving.

Not much of an update today unfortunately but that’s what this is about, seeing if it is possible with a limited amount of free time.


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