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Not played since Wednesday last week, had a couple of 12 hour shifts to finish the week Thursday and Friday.  Was weekend off at the we ekend but no golf, there was a ladies competition on Saturday so Saturday was catch up with friends day with Angela.  As I said in the About the blog I am trying to do everything in balance and not let home life suffer or be selfish with my time. Really enjoyed the day out and about seeing friends.

Sunday was a day working towards 2 goals, building fitness for the golf but also training towards another personal goal that I have always had niggling away that I have wanted to do. The west Highland way. http://www.west-highland-way.co.uk/home.asp I’ve been to the top of Nevis twice so got that box ticked, now the focus is on the west Highland way in June this year. Angela bought the tent that will be home whilst doing it and has informed me that it will be going in my backpack for the journey not hers!

We were picked up on Sunday morning at 7:15 I would like to say bright and early but there was nothing bright about me at that time on a Sunday morning after a late night the night before. An hour or so later we were in our boots at the bottom of Meall Ghaordaidh near Killin ready to attack the 1038m summit. It is only 3 miles to the top so pretty steep going and that coupled with the sun being out making it a warm and sweaty ascent just highlighted how unfit I have become over the winter. More gym time required! Still some snow at the top and for the first time in just over 2 years of climbing hills I got a clear view from the top, I’m normally greeted with cloud or mist at the top and only able to see 6 feet in front of myself. Good little training walk and a sighter for how much work needs to be done for the big walk.

Got 3 12 hour back shifts to start this week so no golf so far, yesterday’s shift turned into a 13 hour saga and I was home very late last night so the plan of early morning practice this morning didn’t happen. All going well I’ll get some short game practice tomorrow morning before work. Got my first medal round at the  new course on Saturday so want to make sure the short game is working well for that.

I’ll leave with some pics of the hill climb.


image image image image


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