8th April finally got some practice time

Got to spend some time hitting balls today to try and get a bit of feeling back in the swing, really haven’t felt in control of where the ball has been going at all which doesn’t do the confidence any good.

I wasn’t trying to do any swing changes or do anything at all technical it was all just about getting a nice rhythm in the swing and striking the ball better. Realised that I had been too tense over the ball strangling the grip and starting the backswing far too quickly so just smoothed everything out and ended up hitting about 100 balls.

Went to the course to try out my new found smooth swing but lack of golfing fitness caught up with me so that’s so something I need to improve on as well. Left side of my body and my forearms were burning, was also getting pretty tired in general.

I was stuck behind the slowest moving 3 ball ever on the course and they wouldn’t let anyone play through, thankfully they were visitors and not members so not a thing that should be a problem too often, although it did give ¬†evidence a little time to spend on the greens trying to learn to pace and breaks on them.

Played a little better and went round in 72 so quite happy with my day.image image image


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