7th April change of equipment.

Learned a lesson today. Never take advice from someone custom fitting you for a golf club without coming away first and doing a bit of research into what they are fitting you with.

Went to get fitted for a new driver last summer, before we started I told the pro that I was launching the ball too high with too much spin so the ball was climbing to the top of its flight then dropping like a brick and getting hammered by the wind. Went with his advice and came home with a new driver.

Struggled with fighting a hook with it when I felt I was swinging well and didn’t think I was hitting it as far as I used to either. Did a bit of looking about on the Internet the other week and found he has fitted me with a mid launch mid spin shaft to suit a swing speed of about 95-100mph when my swing speed on trackman was about 112mph. And set the loft to 8 degree to make it go lower

So bought a new shaft, low launch low spin and for 110+mph swing speed, waiting on it getting delivered now so looking forward to seeing what difference it makes.


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