6th April 2015

Second round at the new club today, had an early finish at work so headed up for another go at learning my way around, didn’t play well at all. Nothing was working too well at all but it was a good learning day for places on the course to avoid.

Still can’t work out the 6th hole and the best way to play it. It’s a dogleg left, flat from the tee to a burn that starts at the inside of the dogleg about 220 yards from the tee then goes diagonally across the fairway to about 240 yards short of the burn leaves you about 180 yards uphill to an elevated  2 tier green that is protected short and right by 2 bunkers and has out of bounds full length of the hole on the left. This hole is proving to be my nemesis and I can’t figure out what to do off the tee.

Shot 77 and hardly did anything well, lots to work on as I had no feeling or rhythm in my swing and I was spraying the ball all over the place. Only 4 game of golf this year though so not too worried just now.

image image image


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