2nd April 2015 New blog and a new start

I’m a little late in starting this, so I’m writing up what has happened so far this month in the next few posts.

I’ve made a very big and very difficult decision today, I have decided to change the club that I will call home. Wouldn’t be a big deal to most but I have been a member there since I was 10 and had been going there with my family since I was younger. I recon it must be about 27 years since I first set foot in Palacerigg golf club and have spent a massive part of my life practicing, playing, socialising and working there. I have so many memories and lifelong friends there that it took me a long time to finally make the move.

The move has come about because of my job and the lack of weekend golf that I can play since I work shifts, I have been averaging about 6 games a season that count towards my handicap and as a result my handicap has stuck at 5 for about the last 4 or 5 years. So the new club Hayston golf club, the diary of competitions fits in with my shift pattern much better and I think it will give me more opportunities  to play competition golf and bring the handicap down.

Played my first round there today and got on quite well with the course, I had last played it about 18 years ago and couldn’t remember much about it other than it was in great condition and that I got hammered 4&3 in a junior team match! It was still playing from winter tees so the course was playing very short but I was pleased with my round of 71.

image image image image


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