15th April best round to date

Really happy with today’s round, had an early finish from work so shot straight up to the course for another learning course management round in preparation for my first medal round. No practice and just ran straight out to the first tee.

Striking the ball really nicely today swing is starting to feel like it is on the way back and have a bit more feeling of control over it. Starting to plot my way around the course quite well now and think I have my strategy almost worked out.

6th hole is still not my friend yet though. Hit hybrid from the tee and blocked it straight right because I didn’t commit to the shot and was scared of over drawing it out of bounds. Left myself behind a tree having to hit a high fade with a 5 iron to get anywhere near the green. The fade took a few yards off of it and I ended up bunker front right and didn’t get up and down from the bunker. Bogey. I will figure this hole out!

Finished strongly with a couple of birdies one of which was from  an almost holed sand wedge at 17 from 100 yards.  That was shot of the day.

image image image image image


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