10th April my first small rant!

The new shaft has arrived! Ebay bargain, ozik matrix HE 6q3 black tie X flex with the correct adapter to fit in the head of my driver. Straight to the range this morning to have a play with it and see how it needs set up loft wise.

Armed myself with a bucket of 100 balls and started swinging. It’s a cobra bio cell+ that I have with the myfly8 adjuster so. The adjuster on this shaft is slightly different to my original shaft. The original adjusted from 8 degrees to 11.5 degrees, the new one is from 9 to 12.5 degrees but with the new low launch shaft I am expecting to have to loft up.

Since I hit the ball pretty high I started with the lowest setting and worked my way up. I didn’t have access to launch monitors or anything fancy, I was just going by height of the flight and taking a reference point of where the ball carried and where it rolled out to.

9 degrees gave a nice penetrating low flight that rolled out quite far but I was a little concerned about lack of carry distance which could cause problems on course trying to fly bunkers or burns.

10.5 degree was about the flight I was looking for and seemed to be about the right balance of carry and angle of decent. I tried it at 11.5 and 12.5 degrees, it was going far too high and coming down like a sand wedge but the dispersion on higher lofts was much tighter. 10.5 seemed to be the best setting going by eye so I’ll go with that for now until I treat myself to a trackman session. So armed with my new big stick I went off for another round at the course.

I’m not spraying it about and have gained an average of 25 yards and 40 yards if I really catch one. Have measured it with gps so not guessing. Pretty annoyed as I have ripped my swing to bits trying to figure out why I haven’t been hitting it as I should only to find that the “fitter” was just trying to get rid of stock that was getting replaced by a new model 3 months later.

Season lost and feel like a mug but hey ho sorted now and a little wiser. Be warned though I got caught out and thought I knew what I was doing.

Wasn’t too concerned with scoring today was all about having a play about with the driver so course management went out the windows and driver was out the bag on every hole that was long enough. That said I still managed to go round in 75 and played reasonably well. My garmin didn’t upload my round properly for some reason so no detailed info on this one.

image image image


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